Yellowbelly Track – with a Tour Group

Some people don’t have the time or inclination to plan and organise their own multi-day bikepacking expedition. I’m not being judgmental, that is just the truth.

A guided tour is an alternative option for prospective Yellowbellies who prefer to have others carry their bags and sweat over logistics.

If you are reading about the Yellowbelly Track and thinking – It would be great to do this ride but without all the hassle that goes with organising all the fine details for your own ride – then this tour could be for you.

AllTrails – Goulburn River Trails 2022

I don’t have any personal or commercial connection to this group. However, I am happy to promote them as an alternative option bringing cyclists into this area of Northern Victoria.

As always make your own inquiries and risk assessment to decide whether this is a good option for you.

Update 30 March 2022: The October 2022 tour appears to be sold out now. Wait list only.

The GABCY Network

The GABCY Network is an integrated set of backroad cycling routes in Northern Victoria.

The GABCY Network covers 5,800 square kilometres, bound by the Campaspe River on the west side, the Murray River to the north, the Goulburn River on the north and east side, and on the south side, the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and Puckapunyal Military Area.

There are more than 20 individual loop routes in the GABCY Network and the total distance is over 1,700 km, although some routes overlap occasionally.

The building blocks of the GABCY Network are 50 to 90 km loops that interconnect. The aim for each loop was to find the most scenic backroads, to avoid traffic and main roads, and to include places for food, drink and accommodation along the way. The loops include many gravel backroads, and occasionally earthen lanes, in order to avoid traffic and to add to the scenic and adventure experience of your ride.

See details about the GABCY Network routes on this page – GABCY Network