Review: GABCY South East – Victoria and Luke 2

In May 2022, Victoria and Luke rode 2 loops starting from Murchison. Total distance about 15o km over 2 days. Routes were Waranga Whirl and Kirwans Rushy Whroote.

Day 1 – Waranga Whirl

We left Melbourne on the 9.16am Murchison East-bound train, keenly aware that with our arrival time of 11.40am we would need to ride harder than our usual meandering pace to make the 70-odd km loop planned before we ran out of light.

Quickly getting ourselves organised, we rolled out of Murchison – there were nice shared paths next to the main roads, so we were able to easily get to the back gravel roads without having to dodge traffic. Only a short ride in, we hit the dirt roads and the absolute quiet of farmland. It was flat as anything, and we were absolutely flying with very little effort.

The road quality was great, despite them being damp, and the small puddles were relatively easy to avoid. We shared our experience with cows and horses staring at us from paddocks, and multitudes of galahs and cockatoos screeching as they flitted from tree to tree in front of us.

Before we knew it, we hit Tatura, and hadn’t seen a single car until we were on the edge of it. It had just started to spit, and it was perfect timing for grabbing a warming cup of coffee and find somewhere dry to eat the leftover lunch we had brought with us.

Before heading out, we popped on our jackets and rain covers, and zig-zagged through the small town to see the water tower art on the main road.

After turning off the main road, we were quickly back on gravel roads and packed pink clay.

The surfaces were great, but the small hills were starting.

We raced down the downhill runups, and powered up the rises.

Our normally grippy tyres slipping in the piles of cow manure at driveway crossings.

Arriving at Waranga Shores was a good time to pause and eat the delicious chocolate chip cookie and creaming soda we picked up in Tatura while gazing out over the reservoir.


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