Harston Easton Weston

  • Distance: 74 km loop
  • Description: Another scenic surprise for me with epic open vistas and very few people. The clay track section of Carag Road south of Stanhope can become muddy if it is wet.
  • Amenities: Tatura and Stanhope
  • Accommodation: Tatura. Good farmstay (Ellesmere Park) at Stanhope end.
  • Ride surfaces: 70% gravel or clay, 27% quiet sealed roads, 3% busy sealed roads.
  • Terrain: Flat with a rolling 20 km section in the middle of the south leg. I suspect the profile pic underplays it a bit with claim Total Vertical Metres = 155m. I’m surprised a few of those climbs are not 3%. The straight lines in the profile suggests imperfect data and some averaging has occurred.
  • Suggested Ride: Start at Stanhope and ride anti-clockwise, as Tatura has much better lunch options.
  • Highlights: Epic open panoramic vistas on the south leg. Quality grazing at Tatura.
  • Link to gpx file: Download gpx file from this link – Harston Easton Weston
  • Connects with: Tatura Terra Rustica, Waranga Whirl, Carag Carag Wetlands Wetlands, Scobie Scamper and Jig, Ky-Tat Merrigoround. See – GABCY Network.
  • Pics:


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