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Dry Weather Road Only – What does this sign mean?

This is a common sign in the GABCY Network.

It means this road should only be used in dry weather. It is likely this ‘road’ is just a dirt or clay track on public land that is not maintained at all.

This road is not intended to be used when it is wet. Therefore Councils do not put out additional signs to close this road when it gets flooded or too muddy to use.

So what does dry weather mean? It means dry ground. In winter that requires about a month without significant rain. In high summer it requires about 3 days without significant rain. In the days of google it is easy for any rider to research the amount of recent rain where they are planning to ride.

A rule to ride by in the GABCY Network:

If it is white, it is probably alright. If it is red, it is a road to dread.

The pics below illustrate the issue further –

Many segments of Dry Weather Only Road are marked with a terracotta dot in the GABCY Network Interactive Map.

If you click on the dot you will see information about that segment. Riders should check recent rainfall history before deciding to ride that segment.


If it is red, it is a road to dread ...


Gullies on the Yellowbelly Track

There are 4 gullies on the Yellowbelly Track in Shepparton Regional Park between Mooroopna and Toolamba.

For more information on how to deal with these gullies see this page – Technical: Yellowbelly Track Gullies.



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