Tatura Terra Rustica

  • Distance: 46 km loop
  • Description: A short scenic ride along the Goulburn River from Tatura, passing through Shepparton Regional Park. Requires a sense of adventure to tackle a gully on the route (see details below).
  • Amenities: Tatura. Toolamba has toilets and free water refilling station (shop and pub are usually closed at present, but may reopen at some point).
  • Accommodation: Tatura. Shepparton Regional Park (free camping)
  • Ride surfaces: 65% gravel, earth or path, 35% quiet sealed roads.
  • Terrain: Flat. Total vertical metres = 135m.
  • Suggested Ride: If no food is available at Toolamba, take a picnic lunch. Start at Tatura and ride anti-clockwise, with amenity break at Toolamba. Picnic by the river. The most scenic location is at the northern or Pyke Road end of the river (after the gully).
  • Highlights: River views and river tracks through Shepparton Regional Park. Bike path through Tatura – a town blessed by 3 good bakeries. Adventure trek though the gully (see below).
  • Link to gpx file: Download gpx file from this link – Tatura Terra Rustica
  • Connects with: Yellowbelly Track, Waranga Whirl, Harston Easton Weston, Ky-Tat Merrigoround. See – GABCY Network
  • Technical: There is a gully on this route towards the north end of the river tracks near Pyke Road. Without your bike you will be able to walk through the gully without grabbing anything, so it isn’t difficult. If you are with another person, 2 people will be able to get 1 bike at a time through the gully easily. However, if you are on your own the south face of the gully is too steep to walk up or down with your bike. It isn’t a strength issue, it is basic physics and friction – two feet on ground are OK, but when you lift one foot to walk the other foot can’t get enough traction with the weight of your bike as well and will start sliding. My solution is to take about 25m of 3mm chord and wrap one end around a concrete fence post at the top of the south face of the gully. The other end of the chord I wrap around my seat post and use that to hold the extra weight of my bike as I walk up (or down) the south face. Easy peasy – science not brawn.
  • Pics:


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