Review: Golden Black Track – Harry

Harry rode the Golden Black Track in November 2021. This is how she described it on Facebook.

First bikepacking trip on the wondercross and first time staying in bush camps alone. I was at times really aware that I’m a woman, especially with the solo camping and sometimes not knowing if the situation was safe!

I’m doing the Golden Black Track. It’s fantastic.

First day rode from Murchison to Dargile state forest and stayed just a little way off from Dargile camp ground and was completely alone. Rode 65kms. Was harder than I anticipated as the elevation was near the end of my ride. The campground had no water. Would need to bring in enough.

Second night visited my folks in heathcote so a very short ride.
Third night rode to Rushworth and then stayed at Greens campground. Free. Had a drop toilet but no water or fire wood.

Rode back to Murchison- just a short one and went home.

Really went party pace as I’ve definitely lost my riding legs during lockdown and had been sick the week before. The constant up and down was tiring but there is warning of this of Nicks website. It’s a beautiful ride.

My biggest issue is not sleeping. Just can’t seem to sleep in the tent! Will have to practice in the yard πŸ™‚

It was definitely type 2 fun but it’s always a humbling experience. Went to plenty of bakeries in the towns and had a really good dehydrated meal from radix nutrition- would purchase again! The bird song and the quiet was just what I needed.

Saw a fox, 2 echidnas, lots of Roos and 2 rabbits.

Harry also wrote a longer, more detailed and introspective article published on Desire Lines (an excellent Australian bikepacking website) –

Harry’s article is a good one for starter bikepackers to read to get an understanding of what is in store for them. It also confirms that when bikepacking you will get a deeper understanding and appreciation of your riding companions, even if riding alone.


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