Review: GABCY Grand Tour – Dan and crew

In March 2022, Dan and a few mates rode about 330km over 3 days in a large horseshoe-shaped tour along the outer edge of the GABCY Network. They started at Bendigo and finished at Tallarook, with a train connection at each end. This is Dan’s recount.

Day 1 – Bendigo to Echuca – 121 km

Amazing roads out of Bendigo through the forest.

Was a bit of a slog from where it opened up, until we saw the Campaspe river for the first time. 

Then onto the amazing long straight gravel roads, zig zagging our way north west.

Stopped for a very late lunch at Rochester bakery and then pushed on to Echuca.

The last 30kms along the rail lines were the worst of the day. Very corrugated, hard to find a good line.

The swim in the Murray and the cold beers were amazing.


Click this link to view the full report – GABCY Grand Tour – Dan and crew


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