Review: Red Ridge Ride – Darryl, Marion and a friend

In February 2023, Darryl, Marion and a friend rode 80km in a version of the Red Ridge Ride – Heathcote Wineries Tour. This is how Marion described it on Facebook.

With the lure of good food and wine, we started our gravel ride on Sunday around Heathcote… after coffee @fodder, we unanimously decided to go for the bigger loop.

Darryl was on the e-bike and made us work for our adventure!

We ended up stopping at Tellurian Wines … a showcase of great wine, friendly staff and yummy food!

The desent down chinaman’s hill was awesome!

Very quiet back roads and gravel tracks made for a sublime day out.

The South Westerly on the way home wasn’t our friend, but my jelly legs got us back to Heathcote where we were treated with a nice meal under a big oak tree in the courtyard… yes, I slept well that night.


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