Review: Yellowbelly Track – Kia and Heath

Kia and Heath rode part of Yellowbelly Track between McCoys Bridge and Shepparton during the Easter break 2021.

This was part of a 4 day, 30o km, mostly dirt and gravel, bikepacking loop that went from Shepparton to Cobram, then along the Murray and Gouburn Rivers back to Shepparton. You can read Kia’s account of the full trip on Commuter Cycles website – Kia and Heath’s Murray Meander.

Kia wrote the following section about their ride along part of the Yellowbelly Track/Goulburn River. At that time the Yellowbelly Track wasn’t well known as it had only been published a month earlier.

Day 4: McCoy’s Bridge to Shepparton

The final day of our trip was lovely. Only 52 km long, we really took our time, stopping to admire some of the interesting river infrastructure along the way. It was here that we met the only other cyclists of the whole trip, who told us that they were following the newly published Yellowbelly route, which I am very excited to go back and have a look at. As we approached Shepparton, we decided it would be only fitting to finish our route with one final swim. We poked around a few places, trying to find the sweet spot of clear access with a little bit of shade. When we found it, I waded out to the middle of the river for what was one of the best swims of my life.

For those who don’t know Commuter Cycles is a Melbourne bike shop that specialises in bikepacking and adventure riding bikes, bags and accessories. You can also order from their website if you can’t get to the shop.


For more ride reports from the GABCY Network see – Ride Reports


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