Yellowbelly Track / River access update

For more recent update see – Yellowbellies be jumpin: Yellowbelly Track is open

Last updated 15 March 2023

The Good News:

  • A lot of ParksVic areas that were closed have suddenly re-opened in March. Perhaps there is pressure from commercial groups to have parks reopened by Easter, a peak camping time in Victoria. Recently opened areas include the park areas east of Echuca along the Murray, the streamside reserves along the Campaspe such as Englishs Bridge reserve, Shepparton Regional Park, and Major Creek Camping Area.
  • In North Central Victoria the Campaspe, Goulburn and Murray Rivers have all receded back to within their banks. River levels are actually lower than usual.
  • Rainfall levels are back to normal levels and hot dry weather has assisted in drying soggy gravel and clay roads and tracks.
  • Gravel routes to the west and south-west of the GABCY Network, including Rushworth Heathcote ironbark forest, are mostly back to normal. But please make your own enquiries before riding, particularly if intending to camp in public reserves.
  • The roads on the most southern section of Yellowbelly Track from Tallarook to Murchison are all open as normal, although Kirwans Bridge is closed. The nearest alternate Goulburn River crossing is Chinamans Bridge on Vickers Road to the south of Nagambie town.
  • Northwood Road Reserve camping area is open near Seymour.

The Bad News:

  • ParksVic continues to list Lower Goulburn National Park (LGNP) as closed. See – Flood and Storm Effected Parks.
  • A large section of Yellowbelly Track goes through LGNP – i.e. 45 km of the Tracks option, and even 5 km of the Roads option.
  • Even in bush areas that were flooded, but are now open, there are continuing treefalls and branches dropping onto tracks. I think this is the reason ParksVic are continuing with their closures.


That’s all I’ve got. Please make your own enquiries and let me know if you discover anything else.

Reminder – there are other places to ride in the GABCY Network that are still in good condition.

See All The Rivers Flood – for more detail on recent floods.


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